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Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53″ Diameter

  • Have a great time skimming in the pool or at the lake with the Intex River Run I.
  • Planned with an inherent backrest for simple cruising and a work base that keeps you cool.
  • An inside and out snatch rope is incorporated for usability
  • 53″ distance across circle
  • Work base to keep cool
  • Worked in backrest for comfort
  • 2 heavey obligation handles
  • 2 glass holders

Item Description

Have a fabulous time gliding in the pool or at the lake with the intex River run I with two implicit glass holders to keep your refreshment close-by as you drift and unwind in the water

From the Manufacturer

Appreciate the water throughout the entire summer with the Intex River Run 1. Composed with an implicit backrest for simple cruising and a work base that keeps you cool. This fun lounger has two air chambers for included security, and two implicit glass holders to keep your refreshments adjacent as you unwind in the water. An inside and out snatch rope and two overwhelming obligation get handles are incorporated for convenience. Estimations will differ in view of the way in which it is swelled and utilized and bundling disavows “surmised measure”. Area, temperature, and moistness will influence the buoy’s solidness.

Client survey:


5 Tips That Will Save Your Float Trips
on May 30, 2015

I just obtained 12 River Run 1 tubes for to take the family + companions drifting. Extraordinary fun on the stream amid our first trek this late spring! In respect to the cost of leasing tubes or booking an outing, these tubes will pay for themselves in four runs (counting the cost of the PFD’s I bought). Besides, we have three streams inside a hour of us, and just a single organization offers one-hour skim on one of them.

As we set up to glide and took our first excursion, I found these 5 hints that will spare you from cerebral pain or debacle:

1. Purchase an Intex Quick Fill 100 pump or something comparative. I have an A/C demonstrate for swelling tubes at home and a D/C show that attachments into my van at the stream. You can utilize manual pumps, similar to Airhead, however the electric ones will spare your back.

2. Blow up each tube completely when they arrive AND a day prior to your outing. That way, you are not amazed at the stream. A few people have announced issues with creases; notwithstanding, most are experiencing difficulty with spilling valves. The valves are a simple fix (see underneath). The creases are somewhat harder to discover and settle.

3. {*Most Important:} Check your valves for spills at the stream before you dispatch. Completely swell a tube, at that point empty some water into the compartment where the valve is found. In the event that it’s gurgling, fix the valve. On the off chance that you can’t dispose of all air pockets, go ahead to tip #4. SEE PHOTO

4. On the off chance that you have a valve that won’t quit spilling, unscrew it totally and wrap the strings in Teflon tape. Teflon tape costs about $2 per roll and has ceased each spilling valve I’ve had. Wrap the white tape around the strings two times and sink the valve back firmly. (Make certain to check for bubbles again just to make certain – see tip #3.) SEE PHOTO

5. Convey a 3 ft. segment of adaptable ¾” clear plastic tubing to reinflate any tube while on the waterway. (You can purchase this adaptable tubing at any equipment/home change store.) SEE PHOTO

I think the tips above would take care of 90% of the issues individuals have had with these tubes and enable you to appreciate (not simply persevere through) your first buoy. In the event that your creases are part, you’ll need to discover and settle them all alone. On the off chance that your valves are spilling – and they most likely are – I think the arrangements in #3 and #4 above will work.

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