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High quality Smart projectors

Now I introduce you some small, easy portable and high quality Smart projectors which are very light weight and you can use them at school, office, collage, watching movie and many more. Now I show one by one below with images and specification:

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  1. Mileagea Pico DLP Wifi Projector 1080P RGB 80 Lumens Full Hd Miracast Airplay Cinema With USB HDMI Portable Multimedia for Video Movie Game Business Home TheaterHigh quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l ktl linkId a10485c93753b35416b8416c74e8095a  cb 1471044986930

High quality Smart projectors 61pFmCK6iELHigh quality Smart projectors 61zJhVMJfbLHigh quality Smart projectors 61lMfqvA5OLHigh quality Smart projectors 51TJkYU1XaL

High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId 4f90417a9df7b10226cea2bc55be3688  cb 1471040332814



Mileagea Pico DLP Projector is a top notch Pico projector, uncommonly intended for home film, business presentation, individual excitement, school training and outdoors, bringing you more beautiful, brighter and smoother amusement. 

It is genuinely convenient, palm-sized, lightweight, in vogue and rechargeable, Support outer HDMI, USB and remote association, which makes it conceivable to interface the various gadgets to the projector. with this Mileagea projector, you can watch and play anyplace and whenever.


Type: Pico DLP projector

Projector lens: Manual zoom and foucus

Projection method :Front projection, rear projection

Brightness :80 lumens

Nominal resolution :FWVGA(854*480)

Compatible resolution :640*480 ~ 1920*1080

Contrast :1000 : 1

Projection light source :RGB LED

Screen ratio : 4:3/16:9

Service life: >20 thousand hours

Speaker: 8 ohm 1Wx2

Noise (dB): 30 dB (standard mode), 24 dB (power saving mode)

Projection cover size: 26-57inches

Best projection distance: 1m/3.28ft to 2m/6.56ft

1m: 26~28inch 1.5m:41~43inch 2m:55~57inch

Input port: HDMI-Type C (Support HDMI/MHL IN)*1

Micro USB DC IN*1

Output port: 3.5mm stereo audio output *1

Wireless connection: Miracast, airplay. Support for Apple’s image, Android wireless connection with the screen

effective distance:within 8 meters

Built in:3.7V, 2000mAh polymer battery, a backup power bank for Cellphones

Theoretical work time: 1.5 hours,without the connection of external power supply

Power adapter: 12V, 2A power adapter

Power consumption (W): 12W

Package List:

1 * Mini DLP Projector

1 * HDMI Cable

1 * Remote Controller

1 * Tripod

1 * Power Adapter

1 * English User Manual


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High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId ec95b1dce44bdfc7493543262c0a00cc  cb 1471042444502The Optoma HD142X is an element and savvy 1080p Home Theater Projector pressed with a variety of components including 3000 lumens, 1920 x 1080 FullHD Resolution, 1.1x Zoom, sRGB support, and 23,000:1 complexity proportion. The HD142X is the ideal Home Theater Projector for watching Blu-beam motion pictures on motion picture night or Games of Thrones on a Sunday Evening. The 8000-hour light life prompts amplified hours of survey with constrained requirement for upkeep and a lower general expense of-utilization without giving up extraordinary picture quality. The HD142X is an extraordinary projector for gaming stages including Xbox One, PS4, and your Personal Computer. The development optical focal point, fresh 1080p representation and profound blacks produce definite and distinctive illustrations and surfaces. sRGB shading profile empowers rich precise shading, in light of the primaries of Rec.709 HDTV particular when utilized with a PC, Mac, or any sRGB good source. It includes the most recent and most prominent computerized media interface with backing for MHL v1.2-empowered HDMI ports and is good with MHL gadgets, for example, Optoma’s HDCast Pro, Roku Streaming Stick and Smart Phones which associate straightforwardly to the projector to playback music and video, view pictures and even share site pages and other client created advanced media content.

High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId 3b873414bd2a7a957482e6996fbeea21  cb 1471043347850

High quality Smart projectors 714wtaDxwjL

The Cube is another sort of smaller than usual projector; 2″ of weightless aluminum outfitted with 120″ of distinctive projection show, planned particularly for your cell phones. Completely convenient and self-ruling, highlighting a LED globule with a lifespan of 20k hours, it’s the open entryway for boundless interactive media conceivable outcomes. Change your surroundings into an awe-inspiring silver screen, an immersive craftsmanship establishment, a virtual world; the force fits in the palm of your hand.

High quality Smart projectors rif6 4a

High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId d2ef3f83dd38060a871d24d1bc74a68c  cb 1471043412002 Small, but made for big things, the Cube is designed for portability and performance. The Cube is for exploring, literally and digitally.

High quality Smart projectors rif6 4b

Go places and take it with you, or stay put and be transported. The Cube is for wild imaginations and novel ideas, for indoor stargazing or blanket fort cartoon watching.

High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId 7387d65059e6057e2ed7825927e48367  cb 1471043500704 High quality Smart projectors rif6 4c

Turn mobile media on its head. The Cube is for flexibility and shedding light on creative solutions when you’re in a tight spot, literally.

4. Sony Portable HD Mobile Projector, Wi-Fi or HDMI Connectivity & screen size up to 120 inches (MPCL1)High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l ktl linkId dc1c1236edf1fccdfb989310730b9068  cb 1471044199530

High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId 50aa07e7a34e3f75647197963450253b  cb 1471044208168

High quality Smart projectors 71Bn5V ERFL

  • Pocket-sized HD Mobile Projector
  • Project movies, images or data from your devices
  • Connect via Wi-Fi, HDMI or MHL
  • Connect via Wi-Fi to Android devices using screen mirroring
  • Compatible with Apple devices using an HDMI cable and Digital AV adapter (not included)
  • Connect to gaming system or laptop using an HDMI cable(not included)
  • Focus free allows your movies or media to appear in focus even when projected on curved or uneven surfaces
  • No manual focusing – auto focus regardless of throw distance

Product Description

The Sony Mobile Projector is a great companion to project your favorite content from portable devices anywhere you go. It uses Sony’s independently developed Laser Beam Scanning1 system to deliver high contrast images on virtually any surface at a screen size up to 120 inches. With the MPCL1 in your pocket or bag, you have a convenient portable theater that can display your movies, images and other data quickly and easily while on the go.

5.AmazPlay Mobile Pico Projector Portable Mini Pocket Size Multimedia Video LED Gaming Projectors with 120″ Display, 120,000-Hour LED, Can Be Charged by Power BankHigh quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 644a4d5c153ce80719b2a0911a467f94  cb 1471044342590 

High quality Smart projectors 61Txel XxLLHigh quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId b5367032d0f049eddc7d0a9cabc49830  cb 1471044478005

  • Next-Generation Multi-Functional Smart Projector: Compact, Lightweight, Ultra-Portable, Powerful, Versatile Mini Pocket Projector.
  • Amazplay Mini Projector: With our WIFI dongle (Included in the box), can be easily connected to smartphone/ tablet/ iPhone/ iPad with the projector’s app EZcast Pro (Downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play), Enjoy everything on a big screen at the same time with portable device.
  • Besides WiFi connection by EZcast Pro, you can also watch your favorite photos, Images, Videos, Movies with bigger screen via HDMI/ USB/ Micro SD Card etc. (HDMI cable included in the box, the Digital AV adapter sold separately).
  • Latest greatest DLP technology: More brightness, richer color. Native solution 854 * 480, Full HD1080p Supported.
  • EZCast PRO features several extra functions, such as Photo Viewer, Video Player, Live Camera, Document Viewer, Screen Split. Display & Scroll Office Files etc. If you are interested in learning more about EZCast Pro features, please visit EZCast PRO official Website for details

Product Description
Color: Black

The AMAZPLAY WH80B-M Smart Mini Pocket Projector is your compact and next-generation multimedia projecting solution! It is great for home entertainment, office presentation or classroom lectures. You can stream audio, video, image and even text files. Full HD 1080p supported. Miracast/Airplay functions supported, additional features include USB flash drive reader, micro SD memory card reader, built-in rechargeable battery, HDMI port, user-friendly control interface and plenty more to magnify your multimedia experience! Enjoy versatile and convenient pocket-sized projector, the AMAZPLAY WH80B-M.

Set Contains:
1*Amazplay Pocket Projector
1*Tripod Mount
1*WIFI dongle
1*HDMI Cable
1*User’s Guide
1*Remote controller
1*AC adapter

Common questions: High quality Smart projectors ir source bk t jewellerish 20 bm id default l kia linkId 646285faee14ddc3e398213ec4806821  cb 1471044703875

High quality Smart projectors 71PR6CpEKGL
Q1. The reaction of the blue touch buttons is too slow.
A: The reaction time of the touch buttons is limited by its design. The projector will be crashed or stuck if touch buttons are touched rapidly and repeatedly. You are highly suggested to slow down the touching speed or use the remote controller instead.
Q2. Why the blue indicator of the projector is on, but the projection screen has not yet come out?
A : Make sure not to press and hold the power key too long. Release the power key as soon as the blue indicator of touch button is on. Please be patient and not to push the power key repeatedly while the projector system is booting. Otherwise the projector may be stuck. 


1. If you have troubles in wireless connection, you can either read the “Via WiFi Connection” (P10-P21) in your manual or find a more detailed instruction of wireless connection, which is displayed by images and words step by step, in our website.
2. If you are puzzled in using this projector, you can refer to the “Trouble shooting” in your manual. If you still have problems, please contact our technical support

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